Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thursday Three: Working for a Living

This week Terry with a whole lotta help from Larry pose the following work related extravaganza.


Unless, of course, you're talking about the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three, which today takes up everyone's favorite topic, gainful employment!

Now, since your humble host has been so very busily engaged in just such an undertaking (i.e., remunerative activities), he has had precious little time to cogitate properly upon a fitting and proper set of questions. HOWEVER, we do have the ability to rely upon famed government contractor Larry Anderson from Kudzu Acres, who has graciously blessed us with the following:

If all jobs paid the same and education and training were not an issue,
1) What job would you most want to have?
2) What job would you wish on your least favorite politician?
3) Where would each of the jobs above be located?
1) Hmm, the job I most want to have. I am fascinated by all the CSI shows on TV, my favorite being CSI:Miami (or as I like to say the show with the beautiful dead people and bikinis), but I really could not do it. The first time I encounter an abuse case or anything concerning children and/or animals I would lose it. So I would need a job that is far less depressing and still intellectually stimulating. I like building and designing things and I’m rather fond of animals. One job could be a zoo planner and vet. I would get to research all sorts of animals and their habitats. There would be some travel and I would get to see the animals in the wild and interact with them. That would be a very cool job.

2) I think they should all become truck stop wait staff on the overnight shift. They would have to deal with all kinds of weirdness and yet still be pleasant to their customers if they want a decent tip. They must also live on their wages and tips and find a way to afford things like health care. That would take the wind out of their sails and give them a good dose of reality.

3) I would like my job in New England so we could be closer to family. It is an all day drive to my in-laws and another four hours up to my Mom’s house. It would be nice to be within a few hours drive of them. For the politicians, any wretched suburb you can think of. Right now I’m leaning towards Detroit or anything in the 25 most dangerous cities ranking.

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