Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Artist of the Week: Winner’s Dog

Mr. John is this week’s artist.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

On Saturday I took him, along with Jake and Crunch to a dog show over in Virginia Beach. It was a beautiful day and our ring times, 11:15 am and 12:45 pm, were reasonable so we could leave home at around 8:15 am.

John was entered in open dogs, which is a breed class for adult male dogs that have not finished their championship (In the initial classes male and female dogs are shown separately). Jake, meanwhile, was entered in Junior Showmanship with Crunch.

I got to the show site in plenty of time but parking, was another thing entirely. After a mistaken turn back onto the highway and an initial misguided parking space we dragged our tack box, bag of stuff, two dogs and their crates to the building. Crunch was in the rolling crate with the other crate balanced on top. John, meanwhile, I was walking on his leash. He was due in the ring and needed to stretch his legs.

We almost got to the building when John spied two Chows walking toward us. He set off a fusillade barks at the approaching dogs. As he twirled about at the end of the leash I vainly tried to quiet him.

Then disaster struck.

He slipped out of his collar and ran, barking his fool head off at the chows.

I took off after him terrified that the he might get hurt (chows are a notoriously dog aggressive breed) or that he might run out onto the highway running along side the parking lot.

The woman with the other dog was useless and keep circling about while screaming at John. John, after he barked a bit more at the dogs, dashed to some bushes next to the highway and peed on them. At that point I reached him and he slunk back to me.

Such a nice relaxed way to enter a dog show venue.

After one more goof up (I picked up the wrong number) and a bit of groveling to the judge, John actually earned his first point! He defeated all the other class winners and became winner's dog. I was shocked to say the least.

So good job John, hopefully next time won't be so exciting.

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