Sunday, December 17, 2006

Third Night

Tonight was our temple’s Chanukah party.

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We lit candles, sang songs, ate latkes and danced. Each table had it’s own menorah and since Jake got to light the candles at home tonight, Nate got to do the honor at the party.

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I think the best part of the evening was when we all said the blessings together. It was just a wonderful sound with all the voices blending together. Then it was time to party.

During one the songs (Sivivon Sov, Sov, Sov, Sov) the Rabbi requested that all the kids spin around when he sang sov, sov, sov. My four were happy to comply and proved to be very enthusiastic dreidels. Max even went for that added touch of authenticity by falling into a heap during the second song, I Have a Little Dreidel. It was an utterly charming performance that required no coaxing on my part.

For the rest of the evening Max and Rebecca would periodically get up and dance while the music was playing. Our table was conveniently located next to the band and there was ample floor space for their show. I am happy that my children are so comfortable at shul. Mind you, they do know have to behave and show proper respect, but I think it is important that our synagogue is such a familiar place.

I spent the evening eating far too many latkes and limiting my dancing to the Hora during Hava Nagila.

Happy Chanukah!

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