Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Three: Holidays

It’s that time of year again and Terry Claims he’s too busy to do the Thursday Three thing so the intrepid Jim Smith volunteered to host this week’s
it’s the pre holiday –Santa Possum is too busy to shop—
edition of the Thursday Three

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Well! What do ya do? I suggested the three was finished with finals and already headed home. Not good enough, so here goes with the best/worst edition of the three. You can answer the best or the worst or both—or not at all I guess.

Any way here it is:

1. Best/worst Christmas/holiday party you have attended?
2. Best/worst religious Christmas/holiday activity.
3. Best/worst gift--given or received?

Remember to either put you answers in the comments section or give us a link back to your site. Please play I don’t want to be the boy who threw the party and nobody came.

1) I haven’t been to very many Christmas/Holiday parties so I don’t have much to draw on. I guess the best was one of my husband’s co-worker’s parties. The party took place in her husband’s workplace (just downstairs from their home) and had a good mix of people and food. I haven’t been to too many clunkers, though there was one we avoided. The invitation alone was off-putting.

Now New Years Eve is a whole different ball game. I have had some very memorable evenings in Manhattan, one of which ended with my husband’s best friend being dragged away by Amy Stiller. I think that was the year we danced on the bar at the Gecko Bar.

2) I love lighting the menorah for Chanukah and that is about it for best. All the aspects of Christmas that my family did centered around the tree, giving presents, seeing family and eating food. Not a whole lot of religion going on.

As for worst, I can’t stand that all the Christmas decorations are up before Thanksgiving and the accompanying insipid music.

3) Nothing really stands out in the best/worst giving/receiving category. I have received many a fine gift and I think I haven’t given out too many lemons.

That’s it for me. I’m a bit giddy from the industrial strength cleaner I just used to scrub out the shower and all the hair product my hair stylist dumped on my head.

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jim said...

The family menorah came through to me as people aged out. No, I don’t light it but it is in a visible place in the living room. Right now there is no tree just some angels, the menorah and a stupid looking Christmas moose.