Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday Three: Potpourri

Once again Terry is able to slap something together at the last second. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen after his last minute cry for help so y’all get a double helping of postings (Yes, this is my second post of the day!) from me. So now I turn you over to Terry and his big box of Thursday Three.
And we go to the big box of questions and...

...find that it is empty.


Never fear, gentle readers, the show must go on and all that stuff. It might just not be up to the usual high standard of quality you might be used to. Then again, it may exceed it by a wide margin.

IN ANY EVENT, all of you gather 'round and listen to these questions and then take a moment to answer them, either by leaving your answer in the comments below or a link to your online journal, or as the kids call it, a "blog." As is the usual case when I don't have any questions, today's offering will be a grab-bag selection of entirely unrelated questions. We call it Potpourri, because it gives a high-tone air to the place and makes it seem much more uppity than just "Pile of Junk."


1) Have you ever been removed from a public conveyance for breaking rules regarding passenger behavior, such as Miss Windybritches on the DC-Dallas flight?

2) What is the latest movie you've seen (theater, broadcast, or video) and how did you like it?

3) What is your favorite soft drink?

And since these are all so pitiful, we'll even throw in an extra question that you can use as a substitute or as a bonus question--

4) Who do you consider to be the worst United States President in your lifetime?

There now--take that box full of odds-and-ends and see what you can do with it!

Mmmm, potpourri or as I like to call it dried up stinky stuff.

Anyway, I’ll give it a go.

1) I have never been removed or even asked to leave a public conveyance, but I do have a funny story about air travel. Near the end of my last pregnancy we arranged for various family members to come down and help me out. I’m a very independent sort, but even I realized that being pregnant with twins was not to be taken lightly. Since Nate arrived on the scene very quickly we thought it would be best to have another adult around and I also liked the help with the day to day grind of caring for a five year old and an almost three year old. When my brother came to stay I was 7 ½ months along and I was HUGE. I looked more like 9 ½ months. On his last day I took him to the airport for his flight home. As I waddled up to the counter I could see I was creating a huge stir of activity behind the counter. When I finally reached it I smiled sweetly and said that I’m not flying today, I’m only here to drop off my brother. You could see all of the counter attendants relax. Airlines normally will not fly the hugely pregnant, only under extraordinary circumstances and I could tell they were gearing themselves up for a fight.

2) The last movie I’ve seen was Casino Royale and I thought it was wonderful. I loved the original Bond films, but the whole thing had become a bit tiresome. I’ve completely missed the last few films. Larry and I went to see it because there wasn’t much else in theaters and the reviews were quite good. About a quarter of the way in I remember turning to Larry and commenting on what an absolute jerk this particular Bond is in the movie. However, Craig plays a very compelling Bond as well. I was completely drawn into the film. It looks like the Bond franchise has new legs and this Bond is a little truer to the original in the book.

3) Northern Neck Ginger Ale. It has some snap to it as opposed to the watery versions offered by Scweppes and Canada Dry. I used to drink Coke, but when I stopped drinking caffeinated drinks when I was pregnant I never went back.

4)The worst president in my lifetime is a toss up between Nixon and Carter. Nixon was downright venal and Carter is an idiot.

And now I’m going to go and admire my brand new boots (June, in black kidskin suede).

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Anonymous said...

Boots gooooood.

Oh, and speaking of ginger ale, have you ever had any Buffalo Rock?