Sunday, December 10, 2006


I went to a holiday party today with Jake and Nate in tow. It was for my local dog club and it was held at a member’s home (B.). It is an annual event and is a nice social gathering for the club. B. called earlier in the week to confirm that I was coming and to find out what I was bringing, which of course was cake.

Two years ago she had hosted the party and it was a success. We had a very good turn out and the food was excellent. B. can be at times a bit difficult and a loose canon, but she is an amazing cook. I knew that the spread would be tasty and generous.

Today she did not disappoint. There was a lovely roast beef, spiral cut ham, real homemade mash potatoes and so on.

I am, however, very disappointed with my club.

Apart from me, B. and my two eldest only three other club members showed up. One called to say he was dealing with some sort of crisis, another flaked out and forgot (she was supposed to bring drinks, so we actually tracked her down.) and the rest never showed up.

I find that to be shockingly rude. If I say I’m coming I will show up. I might be a bit late, but I do my best and I bring what I promised. Heck, I’ve even brought snacks to a soccer game even when my child wasn’t playing due to illness. I honor my commitments.

There was one person who at first was going to attend, but later tendered his regrets. He had a funeral to attend and was unable to do both events. He had the courtesy to tell us in advance and I am deeply appreciative of his effort.

I realize it was a long drive to B.’s house, but it was a gorgeous day and the drive itself is quite scenic. I guess what it all comes down to is that I’m finding that manners are lacking within the club.

To end this rant on a positive note I’m very proud of how well behaved my two boys were at B.’s house. Jake even helped out with the dogs and participated in the conversation. At least I know I’m teaching my children proper manners.

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