Saturday, December 16, 2006

Second Night

Tonight is the second night of Chanukah.

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Yesterday’s menorah, or rather hanukkiah, was a made by one of my dachshund breeder friends. She is a very talented in making dachshund themed crafts and I appreciated that she asked me if it was appropriate. She is not Jewish and she wanted to be respectful of the holiday, but still have a little bit of fun.

Tonight’s is a part of a Chanukah soft book that I bought years ago.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

Amazingly it still has all its parts: the little historical figure, 9 candles (the eight lights of Chanukah plus the shammus), the latkes, teddy bear and the dreidel.

It is a delightful little book that we bring out every year. Rebecca set up the candles just after we lit our menorah and said the blessings.

I didn’t notice it until later and I just had to share.

Happy Chanukah!

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