Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Not much is happening around here. The big excitement is all happening on Friday, we’ve got the start of Chanukah, the second grade’s “Cultures around the world” and the Governor’s holiday party.

Chanukah needs no explanation, but the other two certainly do.

“Culture’s Around the World” or as I like to call it “Tour de Trailers” (the entire second grade is housed in six trailers) is an educational unit where each class room represents a country. On Friday the second graders get to tour each of the other classrooms and learn about each of the countries represented.

Nate’s teacher chose Israel and promptly tapped me to help out. So far I have dragged in an assortment of books, menorahs, candles and various miscellanies. The teacher was particularly excited by a pair of books I brought in. This past weekend I picked up a Hebrew copy of “Where the Wild Things Are” at our Hebrew School’s book fair. Together with our battered English copy it will showcase how different Hebrew is from English. On Friday I’ll stay in the trailer and help out with the presentation and crafts. The kids will be making a Star of David and a dreidel. Then we get to nosh on doughnuts and cookies. It should be a lot of fun.

Then I get to cap off my day by attending the Governor’s holiday party. A couple of weeks ago Larry got the following invite at work:

Governor Timothy M. Kaine and Ms. Anne Holton
cordially invite you and a guest
to a holiday reception
on Friday, December 15th, 2006
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
The Executive Mansion

Please reply by December 11th Festive attire

We get to party down with the governor!

This is one of the few perks of Larry’s job. The last time we got to go to the Governors mansion was 4 ½ years ago during James S. Gilmore III’s tenure, just after the completion of the mansion’s restoration. I look forward to seeing the interior again.

So until Friday, not much is happening.

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