Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Artist of the Week: Drawing

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This week's artist is Rebecca.

I got this shot of her at today's soccer practice. She's come a long way from the child I had to coerce into participating in some small way during practice (I found that the threat of no treats after the game if she didn't practice to be fairly effective).

Anyway this week piece is not about Rebecca playing soccer, but about her latest work of art.

She gave me this drawing about a week ago. I had put it aside on top of the flour cannister in the pantry (I was baking at the time)and had completely forgotten about it. Larry found it while making cookies this morning (that's right, even my husband can bake, it must be the water). Anyway it is a sweet little picture that she had made just for me.

Rebecca's house
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It features me standing outside with my purse on a lovely day. Big puffy clouds are in the sky along with a brilliant red bird. Next to me is my house and on the other side of the house is a pumpkin patch. According to Rebecca the pumpkin vine grows straight up and produces a nice fat pumpkin. Most of the pumpkins are not ready for harvest and are still green. One plant was ready and it is dropping over now that its pumpkin is gone.

I think the big bumps on my head are hair. It is sort of an homage to Princess Leia, everything goes back to Star Wars in this household.

It is a charming little picture and I love it and the artist that produced it.

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