Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Time To Break Out The Cake Pans

My dachshund club is holding its first independent specialty this weekend. So in addition to the usual dramas I have to deal with as being president I now have a whole new level of crazy from my club members. People not returning phone calls, others are calling at all hours. The movie Best in Show comes to mind every time I have to talk on the phone with certain members of the club.

Anyway, I’ve become the “Dessert Chair” for the luncheon. Right now I’m waiting for the chaos to resolve into some sort of order. Then it’s up to me to figure what to make. Originally part of my game plan was to make sheet cake with the show cluster’s logo, but someone decided to order a cake and have dachshunds decorating to top. Fine, mine would have probably been better, but that saves me the bother.

So now I have to figure out what else to make. I think I’ll make a couple of my flourless chocolate torts, they travel well and I can pipe the whipped cream on at the last second. Maybe I should bake a couple of pumpkin pies. They are tasty and would go well with the rest of the luncheon. I make all sorts of things; the key bit here is that what ever I do make it needs to be transportable. The show site is a good three hours away and I can’t bake anything there, just a little bit of touch ups and/or last minute assembly. Either way I’ll be baking up a storm starting tomorrow.

I don’t know, maybe y’all have some ideas.

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