Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Artist of the Week: Sea Turtle

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Max is this week's artist. I'm sorry about the graininess of the picture, but I really like the natural pose I got of him. It was at his party Sunday and for once he wasn't mugging for the camera.

The picture is particularly appropriate because of the shirt Max is wearing. It is one of his two sea turtle t-shirts. He loves sea turtles and is always pleased when I can find a picture of one.

Thus it was no surprise when he went to a Lydia's birthday party a few weeks ago and he selected the sea turtle for his craft. The party was held at a ceramic studio and each of the invitees got to select one of the ceramic sculptures and decorate it. The glazed object would be left at the studio to dry and be fired. About a week or so after the party it would be ready to go home. Since Lydia was invited to Max and Rebecca's party her mother brought the finished crafts to our party.

sea turtle
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
The turtle turned out to be very cute. I didn't get to see Max decorate it the party, I made myself scarce. I am definitely not one of those "helicopter parents" that are a constant and somewhat annoying presence in their children's lives. I knew what Max had chosen, but the end result was a delightful surprise.

I like the colors he chose, green for the shell, blue for the flippers and eyes and a touch of yellow on the underside. It was a fun project and both Max and Rebecca had a great time. We *might* just go there again.

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