Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Artist of the Week: Coiled

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This week's artist is the always active Nate.

Today we got a rare day off, we had no baseball games. There had been one scheduled for Max and Rebecca, but there had been a scheduling error. The game was a make up for one of our many, many rain outs. However, the opposing team already had a game scheduled today. So no game for the t-ball Cubbies. Instead they got to play around outside until dinner, enjoying the warm late spring weather.

As for the art, Nate brought it home from school a few weeks ago. It only suffered minor trauma from the bus ride home, one of the side coils along the rim broke off. A little bit of glue and it was right as rain.

coiled pot
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar

It is a fairly ornate coiled pot/mug (the side handle makes me think mug, but this little pot can not hold water). The main color is a vivid shade of cobalt blue with little splashes of red. It is featherlight and fits neatly with two cupped hands.

I like it. It is a true object d'art with no practical use. The blue color is my favorite and the accents of red really pop.

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