Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Open Letter To My Children

I love all of you very much. I would do almost anything for you to keep you safe. But some days I don't like you very much.

It's very hard to love someone when they spend 25 minutes pitching a fit, instead of getting dressed and eating breakfast. Especially when the fit was first brought on when they were told to put on a long sleeve shirt and long pants (oh the horror) and extended when it was decided that the shirt *I was wearing* (purple with a teeny tiny geometric pattern) was not acceptable.

I was told that it was not fair that I was wearing that shirt and that any thing I did while wearing that shirt was no good.

Well, life is not fair.

I was, in the end, able to spoon the reluctantly fully dressed child onto the bus. I then sent an email out to give the teacher a heads up.

I'm not, however, changing my shirt.

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