Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Then There is Baseball

I'm so sick of doing laundry.

Because of the short season and the vast amount of rain outs we are having a lot of back to back game days. Nate is coming off of a four day run, Max and Rebecca are just to starting a four day game streak and Jake will be playing games five out of seven days next week.

This kind of scheduling is grueling on the kids. Most of Nate and Jake's week day games start at 7:30 pm. Which means a very late night. On a school night. I'm lucky that I have a bunch of night owls, but I know some kids are a wreck the next day. Fortunately the t-baller games are only scheduled for 6:00 pm, but that's plenty late.

And, of course, we only have one uniform per player. This results in my doing a load of wash every day for the next two weeks. Little itty bitty loads loads that offend my Yankee soul. I normally do laundry twice a week. Two to three loads each Tuesday and Friday. That has gone out the window. I'm glad I have a washer and dryer, but I'm sick to death with using them. But the shirts, pants and socks need to be washed. I can fake it a bit with the socks and pants. We have a few sets from previous years, but the shirts have to be done. And it all really does need washing. The older boys don't get too stinky, but they certainly get grubby. Especially Nate who spends a fair amount of his time as catcher and often has to roll around home plate to make (and he does make them) the play.

I'm looking forward to tennis and the pool. There is far less washing to be done.

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