Sunday, September 21, 2008

Case in Point

A few days ago I posted about my DIY test taking skills, well this weekend I put them to the test.

Earlier in the week I noticed a bit of water on the floor in the kids bathroom upstairs. I didn't think much of it except maybe I should remind them to be not so wild with the water. Yesterday I was emptying the hamper in that bathroom and discovered a puddle and a very squishy bath mat. I promptly dropped to knees to check out the toilet.

Ah-ha! The bolts holding the tank had come loose and the tank was leaking. I shut off the water, flushed the toilet and chucked a towel under the tank to sop up the mess and catch the leak. I went downstairs to grab a screwdriver and a vise grip wrench. 15 minutes later the problem was solved.

I guess the kids are little to enthusiastic when they sit down. The banging against the tank loosened up the bolts. Now I have yet another thing to periodically check.

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