Friday, September 12, 2008

Problem of the Day

Or are you smarter than a gifted fourth grader?

Part of Nate's homework this week was a sheet having four separate Problem of the Day. He pretty much whipped through them except for one. It was a bit of a puzzler in three parts and he could only get the first one. When he brought it to me for guidance I was able to get the next two parts after a bit of thinking. The hardest part was coming up with a way to get him pointed in the right direction without giving him the answer.

So I present to you the POD that took a bit of coaching to solve:

Which number does not belong in each group. Explain your answer.

A) 12 48 62 20 51 28

B) 23 50 17 41 14 599 320

c) 181 225 747 400 933 862

Post your answers in the comments.

I'll reveal them Monday.

Update: Come on, at least somebody should give it a shot. I'll hold off until Wednesday.

A) 51, it's the only odd number.
B) 17, when you sum the digits the total is 5 for the rest of the group, 17 sums to 8.
C) 862, it's the only one without a repeated digit.

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