Thursday, September 04, 2008

Good Roads to Drive

I've always been a fan of odd road names. If a name is odd enough I'll even go out of my way to drive on it.

The first oddly named road I ever drove one just for the heck of it was in college. I stumbled upon Gungywamp Road in the neighboring town of Groton while trying to find a short cut. I loved the name and later went back to drive it so I could say I've been Gungywamped. I didn't know the story behind the name until today, thank you internet. It turns out it refers to a archaeological dig site in Groton, CT the name itself is the Gaelic for "Church of the People." There is even a Gungywamp Society. Anyway the road itself was a cool leafy tunnel that runs down a hill and around a bend, not nearly as exotic as it's name.

Fast forward to today.

I was driving around in a subdivision trying toget back to the main road. The road I was on dumped me onto Full Rack rd. I found the name to be so hilarious I had to share it with Meryl. I told her where I was and commented that now I know where all the busty babes live, they're on this road. We then discussed that this would be the ideal location for a barbeque joint, which of course would be called the Full Rack. Then we had to go back to our tasks at hand, me to finding a shoe repair shoe and her to packing up her apartment.

But it was fun going for a ride on the Full Rack.

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