Thursday, September 25, 2008

Very Proper With a Hint of Duck

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
Little Miss Rebecca came downstairs this morning very properly dressed. She had on her gray dress with its coordinating pink shirt, white tights and a lovely black velvet hat.

Other than noting how cute she was I didn't really think about her outfit. She loves to dress up and this outfit wasn't that far out of the ordinary. That is until I combed her hair.

I started to remove her hat and she immediately began to protest. I ignored her, since she always protests when I comb her hair out. It wasn't until I was halfway done when I espied a duck hiding in her hat. She already had a duck in her hands that she was planning to take to school. I realized that she was trying to smuggle a second duck and I decided to say nothing.

When I was done she carefully replaced her hat and tried to avoid me. Later at the bus stop I noticed her hat was a little less full and asked her where her duck was. She was initially surprised and then quickly denied the whole thing and refused to discuss the matter further.

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