Monday, September 01, 2008

Hot Dog Day

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On Saturday I headed up to northern Virginia for a neighboring dachshund club's picnic. I headed out right after services and Rebecca decided to tag along.

We did a quick stop at home for Rebecca to change into something a little more casual and to load John up in the car. Originally I was not going to bring a dog, but I decided since Dell is off being shown why shouldn't John have a bit of fun as well. Then it was off we went.

It was a long drive, but in Rebecca's mind it was well worth the trip. It turns out our host had a litter of nine standard longhair puppies.

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We didn't see the puppies at first. We were too busy setting up our gear and participating in the fun match. John got a second for best movement and a third for best adult. It wasn't until Rebecca took him in that he got a first. He so very patient with her dragging him around in junior handler that he earned a first placement. In the real world junior handling doesn't start until the child/handler is 9, but it was an informal match. Then we all broke for lunch.

That was when Rebecca noticed the kennel run full of puppies. She saw there were some older girls in the run and asked me if she could go in as well.

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We asked our host who said she could, but only if I stayed in the run too. She was a bit concerned about the puppies safety and wanted another adult in there to keep an eye on things. I had no problem agreeing, because there are few things cuter than a longhaired dachshund puppy. I love smooths, but the longs really are cuter. Little spaniel heads with round tummys and short little legs. Their soulful eyes can melt the hardest heart. I was very happy to watch them tumble about with little Miss Rebecca.

At first Rebecca ran around in the pen with a little line of puppies trailing after her. Then she sat down to do some serious puppy cuddling and the pups were happy to comply.

puppy whispers
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In this picture it looks like the puppy is whispering in Rebecca's ear. You can see that cute little puppy tummy and a little paw waving in the air. The puppy is utterly relaxed in Rebecca's lap. She has a natural way with animals and I never had to remind her to be gentle. I only had to remind her to watch her feet so as not to step on any of the puppies swirling about.

Some kids are a bit rough with puppies and will manhandle them into position. Not Rebecca, she knows that if she waits for a bit a puppy will tumble on its own into her lap.

And tumble they did.

puppy kisses
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I think her favorite moment was when Rebecca laid down on the grass and one pup crawled up on her. I know it is my favorite picture. Her look of joy as the puppy licks her chin can't be topped.

It was shortly after this when one of my friends stopped by the pen and leaned over the fence to say "You need to have a longhair."

I get this every couple of years. Mostly its because these are friends of mine that want a good home for one of their dogs. I always say back thay I love my polyester smooths. I'm far too lazy (and busy) to do any serious grooming. It's hard enough to keep the everybody's (dogs and kids alike) nails trimmed. I don't want to have to add brushing out coats and keeping those trimmed as well.

take me home
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But I know Rebecca would love to bring home a little longhair puppy.

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