Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Look Who's Visiting

Max and Rosco
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Rosco is the first grade Hebrew School teddy bear mascot. He visited us before at around Thanksgiving and the start of Hanukkah. Max brought him first and then he was sent back home with Rebecca. It was just sheer luck that we had a back to back visit.

We took pictures of Rosco having a bite of turkey on Thanksgiving, lighting candles, making challah, going to services, eating birthday cake and even going to Aunt Meryl's for a sleep over. Then it was time for the rest of the class to have fun with Rosco.

Well it turned out on Sunday that Rosco had visited all the families in Max and Rebecca's class. So we get to have Rosco one more time. Since we'll be having him for three weeks (we have no Hebrew class the next two weekends) I declared that Max and Rebecca would be sharing Rosco. Max would get him for the first week and half and Rebecca would take over for the second half.

My big goal for the next three weeks is to make sure Dell doesn't get a bit too friendly with Rosco.

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