Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Accidental Garden

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I am at best a laissez-faire gardener. I just let things poke along until I feel that I absolutely must do something. I'm pretty good about watering my little container garden, but that's really it. At the end of the growing season I ignore my two big pots until well after the first killing frost. I then uproot the dried out remains of my tomato plants and basil and heave them off the deck. If I feel particularly ambitious I clear out the excess leaves during the last sweep of the deck at the end of fall.

And so my pots sit there on the deck all winter long.

Come spring I *might* remove a few more leaves and acorns, but again I really do nothing. Around May I start thinking about growing more basil and tomatoes, I'll then go out and inspect the pots.

And lo what did I find in my pots?

Two wee little tomato plants had sprouted along with a large amount of basil!

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My best guess is that our cherry tomato plant, the one that had self seeded last year, had again repeated the miracle of sprouting anew from last years missed tomatoes. My basil plant had gone to seed in a rather spectacular fashion last year so I wasn't nearly as surprised by the seedlings.

Now all I have to do is transplant the little buggers and buy a couple of slicing tomato plants.

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