Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Artist of the Week: Gym Wheel Tattoo

This week's artist comes by way of the 2009 Virginia International Tattoo.

The middle school band once again journeyed to Norfolk and I, once again, acted as chaperon. It's a long drive, but well worth the trip. This year we were seated along the long side, over by the central stage. The sight lines were not as good, but we were much closer to the action. We could even see the performers cluster right behind the stage before they would enter the main floor.

All of the groups did a bang up job, the National Defense Band
of the Czech Republic did some amazing precision marching as did our very own Army Drill team. The silliest moment was Imprecise Broom Team which did a fabulous riff on the army Drill team. The bands all sounded great, but I think the most incredible group was the Gym Wheel Team, Taunusstein.

I've never even heard of wheel gymnastics, it was a completely novel experience for me. I really can't do justice in describing what it is all about. You really just have to watch it to truly understand what is happening.

I'm so glad I starting taping this. I had no idea what was in store.

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