Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Artist of the Week: A Bunny's Story

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This week's artist is Miss Rebecca. It's a well known fact that she loves to draw. She also loves stuffed animals, when she was younger I used to call her the Queen of the Stuffies.

In this particular picture she is reading a book with Roscoe the Hebrew School Bear. She loved having him come home with her and I'm so glad Max had him first. It was hard enough getting Max to relinquish Roscoe at the end of the week. At least when it was Rebecca's turn she knew what to expect. Anyhoo, this isn't about Rebecca's love of stuffed animals, but about a project she did at school.

A few weeks ago I stopped by the school on some sort of errand. At one point I was in the hallway by Rebecca's classroom. On the wall was pinned a large number of rabbits. Each one was colored in, dressed as either a boy or a girl and had a small description neatly typed beneath it.

Juil bunny
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I'm proud to say I was able to quickly pick out my daughter's handiwork. The carefully executed coloring and the purple pink color scheme was a dead giveaway. The little description of the bunny was also classic Rebecca. Here it is, typos and all:

Once there was a bunny her name was Juil. She was nice. She likes to dress up. She is brown. Hew likes to play. She likes purple and pink. She likes to ware dresses. She is funny. She likes to jump. She is very good. She likes to swim.

By Rebecca

I loved looking at all the bunnies and I was happy when Rebecca brought hers home last week. It is just one of those things that make me smile.

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