Friday, May 22, 2009

The Red Boys Have a Birthday

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Today is Dell's 4th birthday. We have only had the little booger for a year, but it seems far longer than that. He just slipped right in and wormed his way into our hearts.

I love how adoringly he his looking up at Jake and his big brother John.

Big brother John had a birthday too, but it was a couple of weeks ago and I sorta forgot it. I did remember it a few days before hand, but on the actual day, phhtt, nothing. Which really is not that big a deal, they are just dogs. However, birthdays are a very big deal to the kids and we had to do something.

Doggy b-day cakes
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So I made the executive decision that we would celebrate the red boys' birthday together. I picked up a couple of BK burger shots, stuck a carrot candle in, and plopped them on top of a bed of kibble in the dogs' bowls.

Dell ate his with gusto, plowing straight down through the carrot, to the burger and onto the kibble. John was far more dainty. He ate the carrot, gobbled up the kibble, and finally scarfed up the burger. All in all a very good day as far as the dogs were concerned.

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