Sunday, May 31, 2009

17 Years and Counting

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Yesterday was our seventeenth anniversary and this month marks our being together for 24 years.

Larry brought home this lovely bouquet (I love daisies and the roses smell heavenly) and Meryl graciously took all four kids overnight, all we had to do was shuttle Jake to and from a party.

We attempted to see a X-Men Origins and learned just because the web site and Fandango say it's on doesn't really mean it is going to happen. Stupid burnt out projector (never fear we saw it today and it was terrific). So instead we had a hot time at Costco.

Dinner, however made up for all the movie going snafus. We went to Mekong and discovered a gem of a restaurant. It truly is an authentic Vietnamese experience. It's been years since I've had Vietnamese food and I had forgotten how very serious they are when a dish is labeled spicy. It was at the very limit of my tolerance, but the taste, oh the taste was exquisite. We will definitely go there again.

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