Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Done, Done and Done

My biggest accomplishment yesterday was addressing and mailing the last batch of invites to Jake's Bar Mitzvah.

I divided them up into three groups:

Classmates at Hebrew school (22)
Friends and Family (41)
Congregation (41)

It looks like a huge number, but we expect only half will come. Most of the girls in Jake's class probably won't be coming. As for the boys, well our temple is located a bit far afield and the average West Ender really doesn't like going outside of West End (a shockingly good description of the West End), much less Richmond. Hebrew school is conducted in the West End and most of the kids are from around there. As for friends and family, a few of the invites were simply courtesy invitations. My 90+ year old Aunt is not schelping down from Boston and my brother will be a groomsman at a friends wedding.

I also faxed off the hotel contracts, touched base with the caterer and got the ball rolling with the flowers. Kippots have been ordered, Jake has a new blazer and the rest seems to be coming together. I just have to clean the house, ugh.

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