Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Modern Wonder

Falkirk Wheel
Originally uploaded by nonmipare
I learned about this modern wonder over at AMCGLTD.com in a post titled Boat Wheel.

The structure is an utterly ingenious solution to the problem of connecting two canals that are separated by an eight story drop. As Scott noted, if you go to this site you get to see a wonderful animated gif of the wheel in action.

I love the whole thing, it's a ferris wheel for boats. I think it's great that it is being promoted as a tourist destination. The whole thing makes me want to go back to Scotland and see the beast in action (I'm such an engineering geek).

The picture I have here I snagged off of Flickr and was uploaded by nomipare. I couldn't quite figure out how to load the animated version of the wheel in action here, so I had to settle on this poster.

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