Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Artist of the Week: Lego Ahoy!

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This week's artist is Nate, pictured here with Dell.

I had him pose with his siblings last year for the annual photo, but this particular session didn't pan out. It was a race against falling light levels and waning (or in some cases non) enthusiasm for the project. Nate was pretty game, but as always it was a challenge to get him to straighten up and be still. Dell wrangling helped hold him place, but to the detriment of sitting nicely.

Aside from all that, it is a very cute picture of Nate.

As for his art this week, it is his favored medium, the Lego. Some days it feels like it is all Legos, all the time. I'm just thankful for the fact that they have been banned downstairs. A few do make their way downstairs, but we are not awash with them. Just the odd Lego here and there that has dropped off from when a particularly interesting item is brought downstairs to show off.

Lego ship
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And this is a prime example of what gets brought downstairs for exhibition.

It is a battle ship of sorts with numerous guns on its topside. I like how one even has a sight for the person manning the gun. Nate even added neat details like a movable rudder. He was justifiably proud of his creation and requested I photograph it for posterity. The life span of such a complex structure is not very long in our household. They get dropped, or kicked, or broken apart for other projects.

Some days I get a bit exasperated by the Legos, but then I remember what creative toy they are and how much pleasure my children get from them.

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