Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Big Question

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Are we going to get snow or ice?

Will we get a nice dumping of fresh fluffy snow or are we going to be socked in with sleet and rain?

And then there are the other questions.

Will they cancel school at 5 am? I just love that 5 am automated call. Nothing gets the blood pumping in morning like an early phone call, particularly when the call is tell you that you can sleep in.

Alternatively there could still be school, but then they can always end the school day early. I can at least prep the kids ahead and tell them I will be home, just ride the bus. Because I really don't want to drive when the weather is bad, they are much safer on the bus.

Either way, snow or sleet, I still get to wear my duck boots.

Update: At about a quarter 7:00 am we got the call, because the Governor declared a state of emergency- no school.

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