Monday, February 01, 2010

Storm Grilling

storm grilling
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So Meryl and I did a little side trip to the supermarket on the way back home. Did we get the classic OMG the sky is falling storm supplies?

Heck no! We got strip steaks and a propane tank.

Nothing beats the winter storm blues than a nice juicy steak hot off the grill.

I was able to set up the grill right outside the side door to the garage. All I had to do was open the door and "boom" the grill was there. I could tend to the steaks without setting foot in the snow.

It was great fun listening to the hiss of the snow flakes as they hit the grill. And the steaks- they were some of the best I've ever grilled. Tender, juicy and oh so flavorful. Paired up with some killer mashed potatoes, we feasted like kings.

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