Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Silly Me

snow removal
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I thought that since VDOT actually deigned to clear my road on Monday, a whole day earlier than the expected, that schools would shortly reopen.

Silly me.

On Monday we had no school, a no brainer considering we got close to 9 inches of snow on Saturday.

Tuesday we again had a snow day which was pretty much assumed and was no shock.

This afternoon I got word that we would have no school on Wednesday. The news was greeted by cheers from my crew and a rolling of eyes by me. I was really hoping for just a two hour delay, but I was far too optimistic.

I think school was canceled on account of tonight's forecast, rain, sleet and a trace of snow. Not a good mix for safe driving. I'm very glad there is a "Snow Day Party" going on in my subdivision tomorrow. I know we are all getting a little squirrelly and it'll be good to get out a spend time with other people.

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