Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Artist of the Week : Bookmark

Rebecca at 2
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This week's artist is my favorite little girl, Rebecca.

Obviously this picture is from a few years ago. She's about two, maybe three years old. Larry and Rebecca found it a few days ago and the two of them decided that it is a very cute picture. I have to agree with them. I think the sturdy little toddler legs are what do me in. She has such a cute little smile, but oh the toddler squishiness! I just want to scoop her up and cuddle her.

Anyhoodle, this is about what Rebecca is up to today and not yesteryear.

She is always making things from bits and pieces she finds around the house. We have an art drawer filled with markers, colored pencils, scissors, scraps of paper from earlier projects, and the odd sparkly ribbon. Oh and tape, you can't forget tape.

kite bookmark
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Rebecca put them all together and created this little kite.

To get a sense of scale the whole thing, with the ribbon stretched out, is just a few inches longer than a foot. It is a very nice size for a bookmark. I like the abstract design on the kite, it has a sort of southeast Asian feel to it. The tails she taped onto the ribbon/string are a nice touch of whimsy.

I'm rather fond of it and I'm going to try to persuade Rebecca to allow me to use it. It is a far nicer bookmark than the random sales reciepts and appointment cards I use now.

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