Sunday, March 06, 2011

Why Did I Wait?

Choc truffle cake
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Rebecca and Meryl requested I make some sort of chocolate treat. Rebecca was thinking along the lines of a cake, while Meryl was more in a mousse frame of mind. After a bit of digging in my files I pulled out a recipe I had printed from an email I received waaaay back in 2005 for chocolate truffle cake with raspberry sauce.

I don't know why I never made it, but it was absolutely unbelievable.

Everybody liked it.

Admittedly some passed on the sauce, but that's their loss. The raspberry is a lovely counterpoint to the rich chocolate of the cake. I served the sauce on the side, however if I ever bring this somewhere I'm going to flood the top with the sauce. It would be visually stunning and a delight to eat.

Some with out further ado here's the link to the chocolate truffle cake with raspberry sauce.

Of course I had to modify the recipe a little bit.
  • I used a nine inch spring form pan lined with wax paper (the loaf just didn't cut it in my eyes).
  • I used 12 oz of raspberries instead of 10oz (because that was how much was in the bag and I couldn't be bothered).
  • However with the increased number of raspberries I did not change the amount of Karo. I wanted the sauce to be on the tart side.

The whole thing was dead easy and was a huge hit. I'm glad I had held onto the recipe so long, but I wished I had tried it out sooner.


Diane said...

At first I thought this was a flourless chocolate cake - but the methodology is much, much different - love the no cook aspects (water baths are a pain).

Nothing tastes better than chocolate with raspberries (that's the only way I'll eat raspberries). Those who passed on the sauce were crazy!

Sarah said...

Indeed! I love the chocolate and raspberry combination as well.

Janis Gore said...

This calls for an audition for the Christmas luncheon.

But in the photo, the sauce looks alarmingly like ketchup.

Sarah said...

It does, doesn't it? I had a hard time balancing the color. We've had nothing but gray days and I never could get any decent lighting.