Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Artist of the Week: Totally Amazing

This week's artist is really much more a hero even if a quarter of his story is true.

On that fateful Friday Hideaki Akaiwa survived just fine the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, but he wasn't so sure about his wife. He was certain that she might be trapped in their home which was essentially underwater. Donning scuba gear he somehow made his way to their home the next day and swam inside to find his wife trapped inside, barely able to keep her head out of water.

Does the story end here?

Of course not!

He then went searching for his mother and a few days later, Tuesday, he found his mother and led her to safety from the still swirling waters. And the amazing thing, he still searches on for other survivors trapped amongst the wreckage of his home town.

It's stories like these I like to focus on when everything seems so bleak.

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