Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Artist of the Week: Snail Party

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A rather cold looking Max is this week's artist.

Lately the temperatures around here have been all over the map. It'll be 80s one day and then a few days later the high will barely crawl up into the upper 40s. Which I find to be cruel and very brutal. I'll get used to milder weather and then boom! I have to bundle all up.

Tomorrow morning is going to be one of the cruel days. We had upper 60s today, short sleeve weather and some running around barefoot. Then the bottom will drop out tonight and in the morning the bus stop will be just about freezing with the high in the aforementioned upper 40s.


Snail Party
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
Luckily I have Max and his happy pictures to pull me through.

Like this one of a snail party. The helicopter trailing a large "Happy Birthday" banner tells you what kind of party is going on down below. I love how the birthday snail has on a little party hat and confetti is showering down.

Max's snail are such simply drawn little creatures, but they have character.

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