Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Artist of the Week: Photography

Young Larry
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This week Larry gets to be artist of the week.

Yes, that's my husband from way back. Long before I ever met him. He is such a cute little boy, you can definitely see the resemblance with our children, Nate in particular. I like to think we would have been friends, we have so much in common. However, we grew up world's apart and didn't meet until college.

And we have been together ever since.

Anyhoodle, enough with the mushy stuff. I'm writing here about art and the art form in question is photography.

For the most part I'm the family photographer. I spend the most time with the kids and I like to take pictures. But once in a while Larry is able to wrest the camera from me, usually it's when we are on vacation or a family outing. And the pictures he takes are always interesting, he's no slouch with the camera.

heading to the barn
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Thus bringing us to one of my favorite pictures.

This picture was from back in Nov., 2010. Larry took it when we were visiting a friend and giving the kids a chance to ride a horse (well in actuality it was a pony, a really nice pony). Since I was the one who had he most experience with horses I was the one wrangling the kids. Mind you Larry can ride as well, but I was the one who had taken years and years of lessons.

So I was busy with the kid and pony show and Larry had the camera. He took a ton of great photos that day. Rebecca, Max and Nate (Jake was home for various reasons) were having a great time and all three got to ride by themselves all the way up to a trot. There were lots of smiling faces that day.

But this picture I think was the best. Rebecca is leading the pony to the barn with our friend. We had just fetched our steed from the pasture and were bringing her in to be groomed and tacked up. The backlighting and long shadows make a very compelling image and I love the little bit of lens flare.

I just think this is a spectacular shot.

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