Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Rainy Day Smile

Rainy day smile
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Sunday was a sort of dreary wet day. Just the sort of weather my kids like to be out and about. Then again extreme heat, thunderstorms, and blizzards are pretty much the only times they won't go outside and that's pretty understandable.

Anyhoodle Jake decided to go out and collect the paper languishing by the end of our drive. Rebecca joined him and I got the cutest smile out of her when they came back. She really loves doing things with her big brother.

Tomorrow and Thursday looked to be rainy days as well and I hope to have that smile around again to brighten up the gray.

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Sarah BB said...

Soooo cute! She looks kind of like a very young Summer Glau (River Tam) in that picture. Yay rain and umbrellas. :)