Friday, March 18, 2011

MCP Project 52: Darks and Lights

shafts of light
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This week's theme was darks and lights, which is a fairly open topic. My initial idea was to photograph Max with one of his siblings with the focus being the differences in hair color. All I needed was a sunny day and a little bit of cooperation.

Instead I went with this picture.

Spring sports have started up and that means I spend a goodly portion of my time sitting on the sidelines during practice. On Wednesday it had been fairly cool and cloudy, not quite raining. It was overcast and the lighting was flat so I had no impetus to bring my real camera along.

I'm so glad my new cell phone can take pictures. As I sat thereI saw shafts of light slicing down from the cloud cover. It was a very dramatic sight to behold. Then it stuck me, this is an excellent representation of darks and lights. I snapped a few pictures hoping my cell phone would give me at least one non-fuzzy shot.

Happily I had a few to choose from and this was my (and Larry's) favorite shot.

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