Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Baking With Julia- Whole Wheat Loaves

Mmmm toast by Teckelcar
Mmmm toast, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
Now I was supposed to bake this last month, but it never happened. I was going to bake today's bread, Cranberry-Walnut Pumpkin loaves, however I didn't have all the ingredients and I felt too crappy to go out and buy them plus the dough needed to rest overnight. So instead of doing the whole wheat for the last week of October (the official make-up week) I swapped the two to fit my schedule.


Not lets get down to brass tacks. Whole Wheat Loaves was scheduled for Sept.18th over at Tuesdays with Dorie or as I call it Baking with Julia, the two hosts were Veggie Nums Nums and The Family That Bakes Together. Both have full rundowns on the whole wheat loaves recipe.

I, like so many others, never did find the malt extract and used molasses in its staid. The resultant bread was still very tasty. Jake and Rebecca thought it was very good and far, far better than any store bought whole wheat. My picture doesn't do it justice, partially because it doesn't have the beautiful tall crown other bakers achieved. I was using large loaf pans the the dough got a bit lost in them. It did rise and produce a wonderfully chewy bread with a proper crust, it just should have been in a smaller pan. I think this will get me to go out and buy some proper bread pans. I will absolutely give this bread another try.

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