Sunday, October 21, 2012

Riding High

Pony girl by Teckelcar
Pony girl, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
Today was a beautiful day and Rebecca and I got to enjoy it. I had a meeting with my dog club and I decided to take advantage of the fact that a friend who has horses was just 5 miles further out. Rebecca and I grabbed our riding gear and tossed it in the van before heading on out.

We were done with the meeting in short order and  were out the door for a little fun. Unfortunately our friend couldn't stay, she had plans, but we were welcome to take the pony out.

I showed Rebecca how to properly groom a horse, which seemed to take forever in her mind. However, when I pointed out the small stone in the hoof she realized I had a point. Then it was out to the ring for a bit of a ride. They pony has a very sweet temperament so Rebecca could ride bareback with just a halter. I like the idea of her starting this way so she can get a true feel for how to sit.

Rebecca was very comfortable riding at a walk and was ready for more. I led the pony into a trot and soon Rebecca was able to manage all on her own. If fact she did so well she accidentally managed to get the pony into a canter. It was a shocking development for Rebecca and she quickly slowed the pony down. I explained what happened and Rebecca regained her composure and was brave enough to canter a few more times. It was, I think, an exhilarating day for my girl.

When Rebecca was finished I had her ride just a bit more at a walk as a sort of "cool down." It wasn't totally necessary, but it is a good idea to instill in her now. I want her to think about the needs of her ride and not just herself. Then it was a quick rub down with a further inspection of the feet and the pony was returned to its field.

It was a wonderful way to spend part of beautiful fall afternoon.

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