Thursday, March 31, 2005

Yin-Yang Thursday Three

It’s the Yin-Yang Version of the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three! As offered by papa possum over at Possumblog.

Terry writes:
As suggested by Jim Smith, some “eternal questions that seem to divide people on an either/or basis.” Remember that the AoW Thursday Three is open to all persons, although we do ask that you be careful when you come in the door and not let all the chi out, because it ruins the groovy feng shui of the place. Having thus now expended the sum of my knowledge of Far Eastern mysticism, we ask you to state a preference in the following categories--either leave your answers in the comments, or answer them on your own blog and leave a link so that we may all come and meditate upon them. Some might notice this is not strictly a Three-themed thing. You are urged not to let this hinder you.

Category I - Food
1) Krispy Kreme. Ideally in the store when the Hot Light is on. Although at home and 8 seconds (as per the directions on the box) in the microwave will do in a pinch. Hmm, maybe we will do a field trip this week.

2) Cheese curls of cheese puffs? I actually like both. My preference is for the ones with white cheddar and not the day-glo orange cheese. The orange color scares me and leaves way too much evidence and laundry.

3) Chocolate! Rebecca agrees with me on this one. I get a catalog from a very yummy chocolate maker that she takes and likes to “read” in bed. But I do appreciate a good vanilla ice cream. Turkey Hill has some awesome flavors and is very inexpensive. My current favorite flavor is their Philadelphia style chocolate. Their French vanilla is excellent. My husband and I call it the Berghoff of ice cream. This is in referance to Berghoff beer. We discovered it when we were living in Wisconsin. It is the happy combination of being very good and very cheap.

Category II – TV People
1) Mary Ann. She actually seemed to have a brain. She also was a nicer and kinder person overall.

2) Tubbs, I guess. Neither thrilled me.

3) Barney. Barney kicks Warren’s butt all the way down Main Street.

Category III – Potpourri (non-stinky kind)
1) ? I don’t know. Whatever works for the gun my husband gets when Miss Rebecca starts thinking about dating. Hubby thinks she can start dating when she is 30, arranged marriages are even better.

2) If I have to pick, pro-football. I intentionally went to a college without a football team and frats. Going to high school next to Dartmouth kinda soured me on both. But the bonfires were good. We root for the Packers and the Badgers (but we are not cheese heads).

3) Yes, clean with no holes.

4) Blade. Gotta have nice legs for my man.

5) When asked I answer it doesn’t matter, but I do tend towards paper. I can make robot and jousting costumes for the hoard out of paper bags. My local supermarket usually gives out paper so I have a ready supply. The plastic bags are good for yucky laundry and poopy bags. I have a huge stock pile of plastic bags in my pantry.

6) Just sandals and no socks until I get over the ultra hot sand. Barefoot below the high tide line. Dark socks are for Rhode Islanders.

7) Walmart, cause it’s closer.

8) Dogs. I like cats, but I can’t have them due to allergies and my dogs’ philosophy that cats are the other white meat.

9) CDs. Easier to deal with, but we still have a turntable around here somewhere and a couple of boxes of albums.

10) Jeans, but I'm moving towards khakis. I'm having a hard time finding jeans I like.

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