Monday, February 27, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different

Everyday after lunch Max gets his nebulizations and chest physical therapy. Everyday he gets to pick what we watch when this is going on. And seemingly, everyday he picks one of the same four movies. They are as follows:
Attack of the Ewoks
Attack of the Clones

I don’t even watch them anymore. I just set him up and then putter about downstairs while he is nebulizing. I only watch during the 20 minute it takes to do his thumpies.

On Saturday I could not take it anymore. I put my foot down and picked out something I wanted to see. I rooted about our movie collection and pulled out “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” It has knights, silly monsters and bizarre animations; a good movie for my crowd (Oh look, there is a Lego version!).

When I announced my choice it was greeted with universal disdain. Both Max and Rebecca loudly stated that they did not like that movie, it was stupid. Max then crossed his arms and proceeded to pout while Rebecca noisily rolled about on the sofa in protest. Nate was uninterested and wanted to work on the computer. I ignored them and loaded up the movie into our player.

After the initial horror of my ignoring them wore off they were entranced by the movie. They loved that coconuts were used instead of horses (why momma, because it’s silly dear) and delighted in the screwball animations. Nate abandoned his game to come join us. Jake, who was at soccer practice when the movie started, joined us about a third of the way in. It was a big hit. On Sunday they wanted to watch the movie again.

It looks like we have produced another generation of Python fans. I guess I’ll have to start taping the shows when PBS starts rebroadcasting them in April.

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