Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday Three: It's Something Seasonal

In honor of Groundhog day we get the following missive from our favorite possum, Terry:
Being that there is so much talk today regarding the seasons (and, of course, marmots), it would probably be a good time to ask some questions along the same line. LUCKILY FOR ALL OF YOU, the kind and generous Sarah Getzler of Life at Full Volume fame sent along some pertinent questions last week (when it seemed there might not be a T3 due to my lack of basic cognitive function).

SO, to get right into it, Miss Sarah wants to know:

1. What is your favorite season, and why?
2. What is your least favorite season, and why?
3. Daylight savings--pro or con?

All of you get our your pens and paper and get to work--either leave your answers in the comments below, or a link to your blog with your answers. ANYone is free to play along, even those weird people who live way down below the equator where the seasons are all backwards and sideways.

So I guess I should post my positions on those *cough* fine questions provided by yours truly.

1)I guess my favorite season would be winter. I love all the other seasons. Summer is fun with its lazy days and beach fun, spring has all its pretty flowers and the smell of growing things and fall has its brisk mornings with the bright colors of autumn foliage, but there is something about the crisp air of winter I really like. I love wearing winter clothes and bundling up to go outside. There is nothing better than a nice mug of hot cocoa after playing outside in the snow. I love looking outside and seeing the tree branches rimed with ice and a new blanket of snow on the ground. So you can imagine what a disappointment that this year’s winter that is not is to me. I really am a Northern girl at heart.

2)My least favorite season is a bit of a toss up between spring and summer. Spring is lovely with its soft breezes and gentle warm air, but those springtime breezes come loaded with pollen and when the pollen arrives so do my allergies. I remember one year looking out across the yard one spring morning in absolute horror as a large yellow cloud of pollen drifted across my lawn. In summer the pollen levels drop, but the temperature goes up. I do not tolerate heat at all. I get flushed and overheated if I spend too much time out in the sun. One of my biggest requirements when we moved to Virginia was that our house must have central air. Summer’s saving grace is the beach. I enjoy going to the beach year round, but the summer time is the best. I guess I like spring the least, because I hate pollen.

3)Daylight savings is evil. I detest the twice yearly disruption of my schedule. I think the whole stupid thing should be abolished.

So send me some snow and stop messing around with the clocks.

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