Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday Three: Olympic Version

In honor of the ongoing winter Olympics Terry gives us:
The Axis of Weevil Thursday Three, Olympic Version!
Our questions were proffered this week by famed academician and ice skating judge, Jim Smith, who wonders the following:

1. Do you even watch the Winter Olympics?
2. What is your most memorable Winter Olympic moment?
3. Which Winter Olympic sport would you most like to try?

As always, anyone who passes the drug test may participate in the T3, and in keeping with REAL sports, there will be NO style points. You will be judged purely on objective criteria such as speed, strength, and how nice you look in a Spandex body suit.

ON THEN, NOBLE COMPETITORS! Leave your answers in the comments below, or a link to the answers as performed on your own blog.

I don’t know about the spandex requirement but, yay! questions about fun in the snow!

1) Oddly enough I really have not been watching the Olympics this year. Other years I have been far more interested. It might be due to the fact that I no longer have any connection to any of the competitors. I went to high school with the following winter Olympians: Dorcas Denhartog Wonsavage, Chris Hastings, Joe Holland, Jim Holland, Tim Tetreault, and Liz McIntyre. Now they have all retired and as a result I have nobody to root for on the current team. However, I will be tuning in this weekend to see what is happening. I like watching all the sledding events, hockey (USA! USA!) and speed skating (short track is amazing to watch). Snowboarding and the moguls competition are also good events to watch.

2) I have several memorable moments in the winter Olympics. I didn’t even know Dorcas was competing until I saw her on TV during the Calgary Olympics. When I saw her name I new it had to be her, she has such a unique name. She is a genuinely nice person and I was so excited for her. I also remember the 1980 “Miracle On Ice” USA Hockey team. The most poignant moments were Dan Jansen and his struggle and eventual triumph on the ice.

3) Bobsled. I think it is the most exciting of the events that I’m willing to try. It looks a bit safer than the luge and the skeleton (those guys are truly insane). I love to go sledding and I have some very fond memories of some of the foolish things I did on the sledding hills of my childhood. The best are when I went down our sledding hill which was amazing; it was steep with a short leveling off for about four feet and another three foot drop-off. This made for a great spot to make jumps. One time when it was just a sheet of ice I went down on an old inner tube type sled. I was a least a little bit sensible and only went halfway up the hill. I hopped on and went careening down the hill and was launched a good 10 to 15 feet by the natural jump. The tube popped when I landed and my bottom was sore for several hours afterwards. It was great!

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