Tuesday, February 21, 2006

VCU Spells VCU

It is a slow day here. The boys are back at school and Larry is back at work after a three day weekend.

This was a particularly nice weekend in that we did not have to anything in the morning. For three days in a row Larry and I got to stay in bed past 8:00 am. For those of you without kids that still seems horribly early, but trust me it was nice being able to lie in an hour plus longer than usual.

Anyhoo, not much excitement occurred here at home, but we did go to a VCU basketball game Friday and had fantastic seats right behind the net and on the floor. Unfortunately I forgot my camera and I have no fun-filled images to share.

We went with one of Larry’s co-workers and two of her children, which are right around Jake’s age. All of the kids had a fantastic time together. They spent the majority of their time running and jumping about in the area between our seat and the court. Jake was initially disappointed by our seats when it turned out that the cheering squad spent their downtime in front of us and therefore obscured our view of the game (as I commented to Larry, in about 6 years he’ll have a different opinion and will welcome such a distraction).

Nate was completely in his element and spent his time equally divided between watching the game and running about while tossing his towel. He was very entertaining to watch for not only us, but for the rest of the crowd as well. There was one student I noticed who looked like he would have liked to join Nate, but he wasn’t confident enough to do so.

Max and Rebecca were particularly fond of Air Rodney (an inflated mascot that sadly has no images on the net) and kept mobbing him. They also spent their time tumbling about on the floor. They were pretty well behaved and had a good time, but the game was a bit long for a four year old’s attention span. Rebecca wanted to know if it was over after the National Anthem was sung (We got there at 5:30 for a 7:00 game it insure good seats) and Max was ready to go after half time.

We were also near the pep band and in addition to the free t-shirts we had all scored; the kids all got a VCU Rams towel. It was a very close game and in the end the Rams came out on top.

We will probably go to more games in the future. The tickets are a steal at $6 (this game was particularly good at $5 each) and if you show up early you can get some great seats.

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