Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Down on the Farm

Several weeks ago we got a bunch of freebie packets of seeds from a local contactor trying to drum up some business. They had set up a table at the entrance to the soccer fields and were giving away free coffee and Krispy Kreme (!) doughnuts. Along side the food was a big basket full of seed packets, ranging from flowers to vegetables.

Max selected cucumbers, Jake green beans and Rebecca fished out some asters. Nate was uninterested; he was more intent on goofing off with some of his friends than picking out boring old seeds.

For a couple of days my would-be-farmers pestered me to plant the seeds. I finally relented and pulled out some egg cartons and potting soil. We had fun dumping in the potting mix and poking in the seeds. Initially I had the cartons loose, but they kept drying out. I then hit upon the idea of placing the cartons in one of my sheet cake pans. This did the trick. Shortly afterwards little green shoots starting poking out.

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Farmer Max

This past weekend I transplanted the beans and the cucumbers to our deck planters. The beans should be alright,

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but the cucumbers will be a bit tricky.

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I think I’ll be able to train them to grow along the railing. If not, it is not a big deal since I haven’t actually paid for the seeds.

I know they would all do better in a real garden, but that really isn’t an option here. The deer (aka tall rats) are quite brazen here. On numerous I have found hoof prints under the deck. I would have to put any sort of a vegetable garden in a fully enclosed area (i.e. roof and all) to protect the plants. So we are limited to the deck. I have had a measure of success with my big pots with tomatoes. Hopefully the deck boxes will work out.

The asters are not quite ready and are still in their egg box nursery.

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They should be fine in a deck box.

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