Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thursday Three: DIY


Today's Axis of Weevil Thursday Three is ALL about self-reliance and self-sufficiency! To that end, EACH ONE OF YOU will be required to make up your OWN three questions to answer! Now some of you might think that this is because I got sidetracked with eleventy-thousand other different things yesterday and simply forgot to formulate the contest for today. WELL, YOU'D BE WRONG! I just think it's time for you to show a little initiative, a little self-starterism, some up-by-the-bootstrapitis to show everyone that the Possumblog Reading Audience is full of go-getters and independent spirits!

That, and I forgot to do the questions.

SO, ANYWAY, please leave three questions and your answers in the comments below or a link back to your blog. Readers who don't have the same drive and energy that YOU do have the option of being lazy and stealing your questions and answering them in lieu of making up their own. BUT DON'T WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE to do it, or otherwise this will be QUITE boring.

And we CANNOT have that.

Very often.

Or more than once a week.

Okay, once a day.

OKAY, so it's boring all the time! DON'T BLAME ME--come up with something interesting yourselves!

Ahem. Sorry.

Hey! I already came up with the questions for last week.


All right, I guess I have to come up with *more* questions and then answer them, even though it would be way easier to just crib them off of Terry. Heck I could even answer the first one. It’s the shoes Terry, always the shoes.

So here are my questions and the answers to this week’s DIY edition of The Axis of Weevil’s Thursday Three.

1) What is the best thing about shopping at the Farmers’ Market? Oh I could be all boring and say it is all the lovely fresh fruits and vegetables, but that’s not it. Instead it is the growers and how I have come to know them. Take for example last week. I got down there and selected a lovely bunch of fresh veggies and salad greens from Amy (of Amy’s Garden) when it suddenly dawned on me that I had left my check book at home and I had no cash on hand. No big deal, I thought to myself. I set aside my intended purchases and strolled over to the handy cash machine. After a very frustrating 5 minutes I determined it was busted. Sheepishly I returned to Amy and just as I was about to apologize and put my stuff back so said “The machine is broken, right?” She then said it was not a problem and I could pay her back next week. Try doing that at your local supermarket.

2) Sesame Street or Barney? I can’t stand Barney. The whole show is treacly sweet and kids all look and act like little robots. I admit I am biased towards Sesame Street, because that is what was on when I was a kid. Elmo can be a wee bit grating, but I like the fact that he gets irritated with Zoe and her instance that her pet rock can think and talk.

3) Coffee or tea, what is your beverage of choice in the morning? Neither! I really don’t like coffee, except for as a flavor enhancement in ice cream and mixed drinks. Yeah I’m weird, deal with it. I like some teas, but it’s just not something that I think of on my own. In general I don’t like caffeinated beverages. I used to enjoy Coke, but I gave it all up when I started having kids and I never went back. Now I’m happy with a nice tall glass of whole milk (skim milk is yucky), orange juice or water.

So there you go, a random mix of questions and answers. And I did all by myself while fending off four year olds from the keyboard.

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