Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Here We Go Again

This week is shaping up to be another baking week.

I have my dachshund club’s big specialty show on Saturday morning AND Jake is having his big 1-0 birthday party later the same day (Eek, he’s going to be double digits!)

It is customary for the hosting club to put out a bit of a spread during a specialty show and my club is not the exception. As usual, I volunteered to bake a few cakes. Last night (Monday) I got a call from the member organizing the food. He wanted to know what I was bringing (he completely trusts me, since I saved his bacon last year by making an extra cake). I told him three cakes and then we started to chat.

At one point I made a comment about baking cookies and he started to rhapsodize how great it would be if we could have mini-chocolate chip cookies. Well duh, I can do that. So we changed the three cakes into a double batch of cookies, brownies and a sheet cake for good measure. Which is all very easy for me.

Then there is Jake’s birthday cake. He, once again, wants an orange cake. We haven’t discussed how to decorate it, but it’ll be something simple. He is not into fussy cakes.

So starting tomorrow, it will be bake, bake, and bake.

Of course it would be during one of the hottest and nastiest weeks we have had so far.

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