Monday, June 05, 2006

Things Misunderstood

Weekend before last I was tooling around with my in-laws, Max and Rebecca in the car. At one point we were discussing Grandma’s and Grandpa’s return trip home. They planned on leaving after the picnic. Conveniently, the game was north of Richmond and they would be able to stop at their usual spot before continuing on with their trip the next day.

This inspired a discussion of how there are some very nice waterfront condos at their stopping point. The condos are lovely and are just 30 minutes from Baltimore, a very doable commute.

Max from the back piped up “Then you could be a death-eater.”


After a puzzling 5 minutes my mother-in-law figured out that Max thought we were talking about Voldemort, not Baltimore. Apparently it is very important to be in close proximity to He Who Must Not Be Named in order to be a death eater. This fits in with Max’s fascination with all things Harry Potter. In the Goblet of Fire Voldemort left a very big impression on Max. His big comment about him was “Voldemort is one weird looking dude.”

So true Max, so true.

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