Sunday, October 01, 2006

I am the Most Awesome Mother in the World

At least to my kids.

A month and a half ago I noticed our local K-Mart was unloading their last two combo bouncey tent and slide. The price was pretty good and it looked like fun. However it was still a bit pricey even with the end of season discount and I passed on it. A few weeks later I saw that they were still there, forlornly grouped near the registers next to all the pool supplies. I then started to seriously consider buying one. After a bit of figuring I thought it *might* be worthwhile if I could get two birthday parties out of it. The price of it was a tad less than two rentals. Last year for Nate’s birthday we rented one and it was a huge hit.

I called up Larry and we decided to wait. Maybe they would knock off a bit more if we waited a little longer. There were still two units left and I was confident that they would not sell out before I stopped by again.

Last week I stopped by while Max and Rebecca were at preschool. The price had not changed and there were still two units sitting there. I decided to bite the bullet and get one. I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be reduced any further since it has been a bit over a month. Maybe they would drop the price if just one was left. So I buttonholed an employee, she loaded it up on a hand truck and then wheeled to over to check out. My cashier was a nice young man who then helped me load it in the van. It was fun, on the way out a couple of the other employees wanted to come over a play. I was a very popular customer.

Then it was time to pick up the dynamic duo. I told them as we left the preschool I told them that there was something for their birthday inside the van.

The reaction was priceless. Max grinned from ear to ear and Rebecca blurted out a perfect valley girl “OMG!”

When we got home they excitedly danced around as I set it up. It was heavy, but I was able to wrestle it out of the car and on to the lawn. Once it was inflated they bounced inside, deliriously happy.

The boys were even better. I didn’t say a word as we walked down the driveway. It wasn’t until we reached the garage that they noticed. With a great shout they dumped their backpacks, shed their shoes and raced to the tent. I got a half dozen thank yous as they explored it.

I let them bounce around until it was time for Max’s soccer practice. Then I packed it up as the sky was filled with clouds threatening to rain.

I set it up again yesterday and here is a short movie of it in action.

Max and Rebecca definitely want to use for their upcoming birthday and so does Nate.

It was completely worthwhile and I’ll be getting the two birthday parties to boot!

Oh and I should note that starting tonight it is Yom Kippur and I will not be posting again until Tuesday.

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